The Company

WIKENFARMA is the new parapharmaceutical reality created by the well-known FOOD COMPANY, leader in the production of sport and wellness supplements.

After 23 years of activity and thanks to their experience in product creation and development and in market strategy, FOOD COMPANY, has decided to set up WIKENFARMA, an associated company within the group, aiming at planning, developing and producing innovative and high quality supplements which can satisfy a wide range of medical specializations, driven by the market and the medical profession’s needs to provide more and more specific natural health-care products.
WIKENFARMA products are designed and developed based on the maximum permitted doses recommended by the Health Department guidelines. We choose certified raw materials with maximum concentrations and titrations, exploiting the synergies among several active principles acting on different but complementary metabolic pathways.

WIKENFARMA achieves its goals thanks to experts and researchers of the sector such as chemists, biologists, pharmacists and medical specialists as well as high qualified staff, all of them committed to achieving the company’s goals.

The Company’s structure consists in a Commercial Department dealing with sales management, a Product Design and Development Department, a Production Department, an Administrative Dep. and a Logistics Section.

The product distribution takes place according to the official pharmaceutical distribution channels. The principal dissemination tool is the scientific information addressed to medical specialists and to a selection of doctors of general medicine.