Our Mission

WIKENFARMA philosophy is to offer high quality natural body care products, according to the principle of the perfect balance among modern science, innovation, qualities of the past and of nature.

This philosophy is implemented thanks to the synergy between the orthodox modern scientific research and the popular medical culture of the past and of the present. WIKENFARMA research and the experimentation is therefore fully addressed to a perfect relationship between the new medicine and the popular medical tradition.

WIKENFARMA draws on its knowledge not only through the cooperation with prestigious research centers and universities but also through nutraceutical and ethnobotanical studies of different medical cultures, such as the Amazonian forest medicine or the traditional Chinese medicine.
Additionally, WIKENFARMA pays particular attention to studying substances, principles and methodologies used by researchers dedicated to health improvement starting from the patient as individual and from the principle that “it is better to treat the causes rather than suppress the symptoms”

Nowadays patients are more and more careful and informed and have a different attitude for what concerns their health compared to the past. WIKENFARMA has been created with the purpose of satisfying these important needs.